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A modern company

A modern company

Building the enterprise of the future

We're moving towards the Enterprise of the Future – a global, multi-category company with sustainability at its core. We are redefining ourselves, not by the products we sell, but the consumer needs that we meet.

We are creating brands with purpose and reshaping our product portfolio.

We are building a multi-category portfolio of non-combustible products backed by science, and expanding “beyond nicotine”. We are driven by digital transformation, technology and innovation, and by our people, living our ethos.


QUEST is our Group-wide programme designed to accelerate our transformation.

Each letter of QUEST represents one of the five priority areas we are focused on to re-define our business and re-shape our product portfolio – driven by digital transformation and underpinned by our ethos.

Quantum Delivery

Quantum is generating the resources to be reinvested in our New Categories by optimising our organisational design; leveraging our shared services; embedding productivity discipline; and delivering Revenue Growth Management (RGM) and Marketing Spend Effectiveness (MSE) initiatives.

Unleash Innovation

Unleash Innovation is delivering a step change in critical capabilities, enabling BAT to further build andsuccessfully execute consumer focused and remarkable innovation. Utilising Quantum productivity savings, we are fuelling an ambitious portfolio transformation towards a multi-category product company.

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Developing our people, teams and culture is at the heart of Quest. The Empowered Organisation programme is building an engaged, agile and high-performing organisation with capabilities to deliver our Enterprise of the Future.

Bitcoin contract gameplay

Bitcoin contract gameplay is accelerating our corporate journey towards a sustainable enterprise, fulfilling our A Better Tomorrow™ purpose. Developing world-class science to support our new portfolio and embedding industry leading ESG ambitions is at the heart of this programme.

Games that really make money

Games that really make money underpins all Quest initiatives to accelerate our transformation towards a top quartile, digitally-enabled consumer packaged goods (CPG) business. Our digital transformation is focusing on digital marketing; agile organisation; value from data & analytics and intelligent automation at scale.