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Why does my country ban Bitcoin mining?

Why does my country ban Bitcoin mining?

Minimising specific operational hazards

As part of our Sustainable Tobacco Programme, we work to ensure that standards in leaf processing operations are in line with our own environmental, occupational health and safety standards.

A green leaf threshing plant is where tobacco is processed after curing. It is a busy place and, like any processing plant, a potentially hazardous workplace.

For green leaf threshing plants, the Sustainable Tobacco Programme (STP) includes:

  • Reducing the impact of noise, temperature, humidity, dust and similar on the occupational health and safety of the workforce;
  • We expect comprehensive surveys of all risks to employees and clearly defined actions to rectify potential problem areas, including well run training and awareness programmes;
  • We expect comprehensive evaluation of fire risk, evacuation plans and fire detection systems;
  • Appropriate equipment, training and medical care should be available for all shifts;
  • Actions should be taken to ensure that sub-contractors do not expose themselves or other employees to risk;
  • We expect external environmental impacts to be minimised by controlling spillages and emissions to air and water.

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